Europe Trip Info


A summary of info regarding the 2012 trip to Europe.

Hi! Hope your summer is just CRAWLING by!

Here is some updated info on the Europe trip planned for next summer. We are doing the Passports tour "Meditteranean Adventures" from June 18, 2012 to July 6, 2012 (19 days). Registration by July 15 will ensure a $100 discount off the price of the tour. The registration amount is $495. Anyone can still attend, even if they register after July 15. To get more info on all the AMAZING sights we will see, go to and type in this trip ID#:
This will take you to the trip home page. From this page, you can see an overview of the tour - look to the left column and you will see "TOUR DETAILS." Uner that, there is OVERVIEW (general days and where we will be), DETAIL (tons of info about what we will do each day), FIELD TRIP OPTIONS (optional excursions that are not included in the price we are paying), PRICING (a breakdown of the pricing), and VIEW PRINT ITINERARY (a printable version of itinerary).
I would also suggest viewing the slide show - it is cool to see where we will be going each day!
You can enroll online (there is a $25 fee) or you can mail a check (recommended). I have enrollment brochures if you would rather do it by mail (some of you may have them), and I can be available to meet with parents to answer any questions.

And now  - how to pay for this???  FUNDRAISING!!!!


We plan to be pretty aggressive with our fundraising this year. Ideas needed! Please generate as many ideas as you can in the next few days. Submit them to me via email and I will compile them all. Here are some we have already:

  • Trivia Night(s)
  • Bunco Tournament(s)
  • Mouse Race(s)
  • Car Wash(es)
  • Just Dance-a-Thon
  • Video Game Tournament(s)

Things to remember:

1. YOU are the one going on this trip, not your parents. Therefore, you will be the one who will need to put forth the majority of the effort to raise the money for your trip. Keep this in mind when generating ideas!

2. Our trip is not school-sponsored. That means we are not afforded some of the privileges that school-sponsored groups will receive. This mostly affects selling items at school.

3. Those who participate will be the ones receiving the funds. For large group events (carwash, trivia night, etc.) we will devise a duty schedule so that all who participate in some way will receive a cut of the funds.



Okay, once you generate some ideas and email them to me, your next step is to consider all resources (people) you know personally and think of asking them to support you. You can get creative with this. For example, send a personalized letter to adults you know who might be interested in supporting your endeavor to travel. Instead of just asking for donations, consider some other way of phrasing it. One mom whose son wanted to travel to Europe for a "People-to-People" program helped her son draft a letter; she sold "shares" in her son's future and framed it as an investment in him.

Perhaps you could do an errand for them while you are abroad - taking a picture somewhere, gathering some literature in a foreign language, making a purchase that they would reimburse you for, etc.

You may even get a local business to sponsor you - in exchange, they might want you to wear a T-shirt promoting their business, or take a picture with their product in some famous location.

Your parents' place of employment might sponsor you (or even our whole group). It never hurts to ask! Keep them in mind for donations as well. When we do a trivia night or bunco night, we will be looking for donated items to raffle off, so connections come in handy.

Check with your parents on all the above – you want to respect their wishes first and foremost before contacting anyone.



Also, consider using social media to generate interest in supporting you. If everyone you were "friends" with on Facebook donated $1 to support you, you could end up with $1000 toward your trip. Make sure you send these messages personally to your friends only. You could also publicize events that we are doing to generate more interest and attendance.



Consider hiring your services out to people who are aware of your desire to travel next summer. This could include babysitting, lawn care, assistance with chores, doing odd jobs, etc. You might even become an entrepreneur in the process and develop a very lucrative business if you can find a niche! Now is the perfect time to put your special talents into action to help ease the cost of travel. Expenses could be reduced through sponsors; however, many have discovered tremendous earning power doing everything from taking part in local events to starting their own businesses.

For example, avid golfers and brothers Alex and Tanner created a golf tournament to raise funds for their “People to People” trip to China. The tournament included contests where participants challenged Alex and Tanner on the golf course, while learning more about their desire to travel as P2P Ambassadors. Not only that, but the brothers created raffles of golf-themed items and sports memorabilia, golf goodie bags, and a Chinese buffet dinner for all participants. As a result of all their efforts, Alex and Tanner raised over $9,600!

With creativity, determination, and a positive attitude, your endeavors will prove that raising money can actually be easy, fun, and very rewarding. With the support of your family, friends, and community, wouldn’t it be great satisfaction to be able to say you earned your way on this incredible journey?

Here are some other ideas:

  • Start a house-sitting or pet-sitting business for vacationing neighbors
  • Take your garage band to the next level and perform a concert
  • Set up concession stands at the local baseball park or apply to provide a stand at community events


Please email me with any questions. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you will never forget! CAN'T WAIT!