FBLA Competition (Please Read!!)

See the below list for those signed up to compete in competition.  Please also note that if you are in a team event, another person may have been added to your team.  You need to get together to work on your event!  It is very important that you see Mrs. House to go over your event, sign up to review for your test , or take your test.  (We are using AIM time and study halls if you have one.  You are also welcome to stay after school)  AIM dates available for review are the following:  1/10, 1/12, 1/17, 1/19 and 1/24.  You also need to sign up for your test.  These dates are 1/26, 1/31, 2/2, 2/7, or 2/9.  You may also use a study hall or stay after school.  YOUR TEST MUST BE TAKEN BY FEBRUARY 13TH!  Come by and see Mrs. House as soon as possible.


The competitors and events


Banking and Financial Systems - Lauren Flieg and Carllie Firestine (Team)

Business Ethics - Kayla Thomas, Crystal McComas, and Melissa Wheat (Team)

Entrepreneurship - Josh Parks, Reid Augustin, Chris Kraus (Team)

Marketing - Matt Steele and Kathryn Storm (Team)

Business Plan Project - Diana Hendricks

Business Presentation - Kayla Thomas and Crystal McComas (Team)

Digital Design and Promotion - Diana Hendricks and Thomas Landon (Team)

Website Design - Thomas Landon

Impromptu Speaking - Justin Streit

Job Interview - Megan Brooks

Public Speaking I - Michael Winn

Public Speaking II - Kayla Thomas

Accounting I - Crystal McComas

Business Calculations - Scott LaVoise, Kathryn Storm

Business Law - Scott LaVoise, Justin Streit

Business Math - Micahel Winn

Business Procedures - Melissa Wheat

Computer Problem Solving - Kristin Tosie

Cyber Security - Chris Calgher

Economics - Josh Parks, Chris Kraus

Hospitality Management - Paige Allbright

Networking Concepts - Chris Calgher

Personal Finance - Paige Allbright, Matt Steele

Sports Management - Megan Brooks

Technology Concepts - Kristin Tosie, Ivan Gonzalez

Computer Applications - Alexis Arons

Word Processing II - Dan Sikora